CD Projekt looking at alternatives to E3 2020 to show Cyberpunk 2077

Earlier today it was announced that E3 2020 was canceled due to the Coronavirus. This sensible but disappointing news means that CD Projekt wouldn’t be there to show the latest Cyberpunk 2077 developments. There are however new plans in the works.

In a meeting with journalists today, CD Projekt President Adam KiciƄski addresses the Coronavirus problem.

“The situation regarding coronavirus is so dynamic that it is hard to think about it. We will take part in trade fairs if they take place. If they do not take place, we will show the same things in a different way – the internet works normally, we have a way to reach players

Some good news there. It’s likely we will see some sort of development update/showcase via the Intertubes instead of press coverage from the E3. As soon as we have more details on what CD Projekt has planned we will let you know.

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