Dogtown is the new area added in the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077.

The area was formerly known as Combat Zone but was renamed Dogtown by Kurt Hansen, who is now in charge of the zone outside the NCPD’s control. The zone and the politics of the zone have been influenced by the South American drug lords. In other words, play by Hansen’s rules, and he and his army of foot soldiers, called the Barghest, will look after you. Break the rules and the punishment is severe.

The Barghest is described as part gang part military unit which comprises Militech soldiers from Hansen’s military unit who stayed behind during the last Corporate War. Other members of the Barghest include gangsters and marauders from all walks of life.

This new zone is a mix of authority and anarchy and is described as a squat and free trade zone. Originally it was planned to have hotels, casinos, and bars as a place of entertainment but that plan fell apart after the war. It’s an unruly place where there are no taxes or Corpos.

Inside Dogtown is the black market where there are all kinds of cyberwear and powerful weapons that cannot be found anywhere else in Night City. With it being a black market there are also plenty of stolen goods for sale. If you need a tank, you might just find it here.

Dogtown Location

Dogtown is located in the Pacifica region of the game in the south of the map. The exact location is still to be determined and will be added to the map when it’s available.

Base Game Access

If players only own the Cyberpunk 2077 base game, they will not be able to access the Dogtown zone. They will however benefit from the 2.0 updates when the are released ahead of the Phantom Liberty launch.

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Dogtown Screenshots

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