Cyberpunk 2077 Vehicle Footage to Celebrate Mad Max Fury Road – Badlands Playable?

We’ve seen numerous Cyberpunk 2077 vehicles in the in-game footage that has been released but it’s always great to see something new. CD Projekt’s CM Marcin Momot shares this quick piece of footage.

The quick clip below is certainly very Mad Maxesque, even the environment. According to Marcin, this was taken from the PC version of the game in case you were wondering. What this also appears to show is that players are going to head out of Night City into the Badlands which surround the city zones.

With that in mind, it raises the question, just how big is the play area going to be? Are we now looking at an area larger than GTA V? It has been speculated that the play area would be smaller than GTA V but because there was more verticality the game would actually be quite large. With the addition of the Badlands as a playable zone, we could be looking at a fairly large game, even if it’s void of too many locations.

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