How they created Cyberpunk 2077 facial animations

Cyberpunk 2077 is a big game with a huge list of characters populating the game world. So how do they create all the facial animations? In this video released by Jali, they show how the technology works in the game.

As well as a vast array of characters, Cyberpunk 2077 has been translated into 10 different languages making it impossible to motion capture all the facial animations. That’s where Jali comes in which gives complete automation of high-end lip-sync and facial animation.

The video below explains how it works and why CD Projekt utilised the technology to create life-like facial animations for all the dialogue. There are some great demonstrations of how Jali helps convey the emotions of a character through the software which helps it stand out from your usual lip-syncing we see in some games. It goes further than that though, it helps convey a character’s emotions through eye movement and even changes to the brow. When the neck movements are added to all of the above, that’s really when the character starts to look real.

If you’re interested in the tech behind the game, then give this a watch.

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