Cyberpunk 2077 v1.3 update teased. DLC news tomorrow

After months of silence, CD Projekt has indicated that patch 1.3 is coming.

I’m always up for a bit of game lore but the latest tease is slightly irritating in that I would rather just have the patch notes. Anyway, a few things have been hinted at in these clips which were posted in the development insight post. This includes Resetting perks, mini-map improvements, and changes to the Clouds receptionist scene and how the video is presented.

Tomorrow they will reveal more and hopefully some proper patch notes. There’s a live stream at 18:00 CST on the CD Projekt Twitch channel so tune in for that. Perhaps we’ll have an update on where they are on next-gen and DLC. Not holding out too much hope for that though.

Update:  According to a later teaser for the stream, they WILL be talking about upcoming DLC. If you’re wanting more content then don’t miss this stream tomorrow.

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