Expect hardcore electronica for the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack says composer

The Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack will help set the tone in Night City. One of the composers working on the game, Leonard-Morgan, has spoken about the work that’s been going on behind the scenes when it comes to the music.

Speaking to Comicbook.com about the Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack, Leonard-Morgan says we should expect a soundtrack featuring hardcore electronica. Here’s a snip…

And I think the thing with Cyberpunk, in the question of ‘What style is it?’ — I would say that it’s hardcore electronica,” Leonard-Morgan continued. “And there is hardcore electronica, but it’s not this kind of dance music or EDM. And we’ve got Russian synths and Polish synths and American synths. There are loads of synths going on there, but there’s also humanity. Because there’s a lot of humanity inĀ Cyberpunk, in a very different way fromĀ Tales From the Loop, obviously. But there’s stuff that happens in [really emotional] moments, even as there’s obviously full-on chase sequences going on. So we’ve got real instances of going over-the-top with it, but there are some really haunting bits as well. You’ve got all this stuff that goes on — you really kind of create an emotional connection to those characters. I would say it’s hardcore electronica, with a lot of humanity.

Check out the full article for more from Leonard-Morgan on the work that’s going on.

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