Fan-made Low Budget Cyberpunk 2077 Cinematic Trailer Released

This recreation by fans of 2019 Cinematic trailer which was released in June 2019 is inspiring. When you haven’t got a big budget to bring Cyberpunk 2077 to the real world you have to improvise and that’s exactly what these guys have done.

When the makeup department is nonexistent why not use some silver foil. When you don’t have a fancy sci-fi automatic opening box, a DIY toolbox will do. When you haven’t got a fancy neon screen then use a whiteboard. Yes, this really is a low budget but it’s a hoot and quite well done considering what they’ve decided to work with. That said,  it is meant to be deliberately bad so enjoy it for that reason alone.

The fan video does have an inlay so you can see what is being copied but below you can find both videos, the fan one at the top and the original underneath as a reminder.


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