City Center

Cyberpunk 2077’s central hub of Night City is the City Center. Like any modern city, this district is the home of Night City’s Corporations with its bright neon lights and luxurious living.

This area of the city was rebuilt after the Fourth Corporate War. With megabuildings, offices, bars, strip clubs, it’s the focal point of the modern Night City.

The City Center is bustling with activity making it the main commercial district of the city.

District – Downtown

Downtown is one of the newer districts of Night City which was rebuilt following the Nuke Incident. Now with new offices, hotels, bars and, apartments. It’s a playground for the wealthier residents of Night City.

Don’t be fooled by the bright neon lights, there’s also darker seedier side to Downtown that’s less visible by day.

District – Corpo Plaza

Home to the corporations with its skyscrapers and megabuildings. These include Militech and the Arasaka HQ. Central to the Corpo Plaza is circular Memorial Park to commemorate the Fourth Corporate War.

The area is patrolled by NCPD and corporate security. This is a heavily secured area with checkpoints to protect the buildings and corporate workers.


City Center Concept Art

Night City


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