Cyberpunk 2077 Classes / Archetypes

Cyberpunk 2077 Classes Overview

When players enter Night City they are not assigned a class and this must be stressed. In theory, there is not a single class in the game. However, there are three Cyberpunk 2077 archetypes the game was initially designed around.  These are the Solo, Techie, and Netrunner.

CD Projekt realised that the Techie and the Netrunner Cyberpunk 2077 classes were quite similar and it was apparent that a fluid class system made more sense.

Despite the fact there are three semi-defined “classes”, the player is not bound to any of these. Players can evolve the character with a mix of skills from all three. CD Projekt describes this as a “fluid class system”.

Unlike with the original 2020 where you’re locked into one of those things and then could pick and choose a bit, in ours we want you to be able to pick and choose very fluidly and freely to play the way you want to play.

As the game is based on the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop game, there are similarities between the two. Although, in the pen and paper game there are nine classes but only three in 2077. The three 2077 “classes”, Solo, Techie, and Netrunner, all appear in the original 2020 tabletop game.

In essence, the player will build their character around three different skill trees for each of the three classes (see image below). This gives the player the opportunity to specialise in a single tree or experiment with the whole to create what could be considered a hybrid character.

More details on each “class” archetype

It’s worth noting again that the Netrunner/Techie archetypes evolved during the game’s development. CD Projekt found that the Netrunner and Techie Cyberpunk 2077 classes were starting to crossover and so the class system became more fluid. However, the skill tree still reflects elements of both these typical Cyberpunk universe classes.

Character Choice

With no “class” being assigned at the start of the game, players are asked to choose a “Life Path” before even entering Night City. Choices give players the opportunity to shape their character’s historical background. This includes their past and motivation which helps determine your character’s place in the game world.

Each choice will start the player from a different location. This is the game’s prologue which will set the scene before embarking on the real story in Night City which begins six months later.

The system employed in 2077 is a bare-bones version of the “Life Path” from the pen and paper game which was more far-reaching. Below is the latest interface design shown by CD Projekt in 2020.

cyberpunk 2077 Life Path

Character Stats

As well as setting the character’s backstory and looks, initial attributes can be customised at the start of the game through Attributes.

Character Identity

Players will be able to customise features such as body type, tattoos, hairstyles, makeup, skin tone, genital size, and more.


The image below shows how players select specific abilities to determine their character’s direction and define their character. This may be focusing on one type of archetype only or a mix of the three base archetypes, Solo, Techie/Netrunner, through the Perks system. Cyberpunk 2077 classes are not clear-cut and players should remember that when assigning points into Abilities and their Perks. Decide how you want to play the game. Do you want to be more stealthy or go in guns blazing? It’s up to you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Skill tree

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