Crafting and Crafting Spec Locations

Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting

Cyberpunk 2077 crafting can be a little confusing and in this guide, we explain how it works.

Although there are a plethora of items that can be looted, players are able to craft specific items if they have learned how to make it from a crafting spec.

Crafting specs can be found throughout the game at vendors and are also dropped by enemies. Once acquired, that spec stays with you so you can create as many of the items as you wish. There are also a few crafting specs that are available right from the start in the crafting interface.

Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Interface and Requirements

Crafting Screen
Note on this item you require a specific Perk to craft it.

There is a separate interface for crafting which shows the specs available to use on the left which are all the items you can currently craft. On the right side of the interface are all the components you currently have which can be used to make the item you select on the left.

If you do not have the required components to craft the item, the crafting button will read “Blocked”. Assuming you have the right components, you can click the “Craft” button to create the item you selected on the left.

Take note of the requirements you need to create the item because some items may require you have a Perk from the Technical crafting tree assigned such as the Perk “Grease Monkey” which allows you to create Epic items.

A full list of  Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting specific Perks can be found here.

Item Quality

There are various degrees of item quality which are as follows:

  • Common (White)
  • Uncommon (Green)
  • Rare (Blue)
  • Epic (Purple)
  • Legendary (Yellow)

Acquiring Components

The primary way to acquire components from crafting is either looting items laying around the game world or by disassembling weapons you have picked up. This is done via the inventory interface. It’s not the best system and you can accidentally disassemble an item easily if you are not careful because the key needs to be held down. Be vigilant because the next item in the list will jump up one slot and it’s easy to accidentally disassemble that item by accident with the key held down.

Getting Hold of Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting Specs

Click trade to buy Cyberware mods
Click trade to buy Cyberware mods/specs at Ripperdoc.

Cyberpunk 2077 crafting can appear confusing, especially when it comes to mods for Cyberware. This is mainly down to the less than optimal character interfaces. This is especially noticeable when you first start to think about acquiring mods and crafting specs from Ripperdocs.

As soon as you visit a Ripperdoc, you are presented with the skeleton interface and the Cyberware that’s available for purchase. However, the mods and crafting specs you can acquire for your Cyberware are not shown here. To acquire the crafting specs, you need to click the trade button at the top of the screen. This will then show what mods/specs the Ripperdoc has available for sale.

The clothing interface is easier to understand, the vendors will have the specs listed in with their items for sale. Make sure you read the title of the item, it will be labeled Crafting Spec. Unfortunately crafting specs cannot be filtered so you need to look at the item name to make sure it’s a crafting spec.

Equipping Cyberware Mods

Click Cyberware on your inventory screen
Click Cyberware on your inventory screen

While not directly related to the crafting of mods, you do need to know how to equip them. Once you have acquired a spec or mod, it can be applied to the Cyberware via the Inventory screen and clicking the Cyberware button on the bottom left.

You are now presented with the skeleton again with each piece of Cyberware listed on the body. Below the headings, the number of available mods is listed and you need to click the installed Cyberware image to show what mods are available.


Along with crafting weapons, they can also be upgraded within the crafting interface. Upgrading works the same way as crafting a new site. Players will need to meet the requirements to upgrade the weapon which will include components found in the game world or acquired from breaking down existing items.

To upgrade a weapon, click the “Upgrades” tab inside the crafting window.

Where to get Crafting Specs in Night City

Some of the better Cyberpunk 2077 crafting specs can either be found or purchased from a vendor. Below is a list of items you may want to seek out while adventuring in Night City and exactly where to find them.

There are also crafting specs available for iconic weapons that can be found. A list of those can be found on the Iconic weapons section.

Secondary Slot Crafting Specs & Locations


Name Tier Vendor Location
F-GX Frag Grenade Regular Common Available free
F-GX Frag Grenade Sticky Uncommon Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp, Japantown, Rancho Coronado, Sunset Motel
F-GX Frag Grenade Homing Rare Northside, Little China, The Glen
Ozob’s Nose Legendary Side mission Send in the Clowns reward
X-22 Flashbang Grenade Regular Common Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp, Japantown, Downtown, Sunset Motel
X-22 Flashbang Grenade Homing Rare Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp, Japantown, Downtown, Sunset Motel

Health Restoration

Name Tier Medpoints Reqs
Bounce Back Mk. 1 Common Available free
Bounce Back Mk. 2 Uncommon Street Cred Lvl 14
Bounce Back Mk. 3 Rare Street Cred Lvl 27
MaxDoc Mk. 1 Uncommon Available free
MaxDoc Mk. 2 Rare Street Cred Lvl 14
MaxDoc Mk. 3 Epic Street Cred Lvl 27

Weapon/Cyberware Mods Crafting Specs & Locations


Name Tier Vendor Location
Ranged Mod: Crunch Common Arroyo, Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp, Kabuki, Rancho Coronado, Little China, Vista Del Rey, West Wind Estate
Ranged Mod: Penetrator Common Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp, Kabuki, Wellsprings, Japantown, Rancho Coronado, West Wind EstateVista Del Rey
Ranged Mod: Pacifier Common Arroyo, Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp, Downtown, Kabuki, Vista Del Rey, Wellsprings, Rancho Coronado,  Sunset Motel
Ranged Mod: External Bleeding Rare Downtown, Japantown, Little China, Northside, The Glen, Vista Del Rey, Wellsprings, West Wind Estate

Blade Mods

Name Tier Ripperdoc Location
Blade [Physical Damage] Rare Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp, Downtown
Blade [Thermal Damage] Rare Northside
Blade [Chemical Damage] Rare Drops
Blade [Electrical Damage] Epic Japantown, Downtown
Slow Rotor Epic Japantown
Fast Rotor Epic Kabuki

Monowire Mods

Name Tier Ripperdoc Location
Monowire [Physical Damage Rare West Wind Estate
Monowire – Thermal Damage Rare Rancho Coronado
Monowire – Chemical Damage Rare Kabuki
Monowire – Electrical Damage Rare Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp
Monowire Battery, Low Capacity Epic Japantown
Monowire Battery, Medium Capacity Epic Wellsprings
Monowire Battery, High Capacity Epic West Wind Estate

Projectile Launcher Mods

Name Tier Ripperdoc Location
Explosive Round Rare Japantown, Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp
Electrical Round Rare Rancho Coronado
Thermal Round Rare Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp, Downtown
Chemical Round Rare Kabuki
Neoplastic Plating Rare Kabuki
Metal Plating Rare Northside
Titanium Plating Epic Wellsprings, Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp


Name Tier Ripperdoc Location
Sensory Amplifier (Crit Chance) Rare Arroyo
Sensory Amplifier (Crit Damage) Rare Little China
Sensory Amplifier (Max Health) Rare Rancho Coronado
Sensory Amplifier (Armor) Rare Wellsprings

Berserk Mods

Name Tier Ripperdoc Location
Beast Mode Legendary Kabuki
Bruising Berserk Rare Nomad Camp, Mobile Camp

Gorilla Arms Mods

Name Tier Ripperdoc Location
Knuckles – Physical Damage Rare Northside
Knuckles – Thermal Damage Rare Arroyo, Downtown
Knuckles – Chemical Damage Rare Rancho Coronado
Knuckles – Electrical Damage Rare Downtown
Battery, Low Capacity Rare Japantown
Battery, Medium Capacity Epic Kabuki
Battery, High Capacity Epic Rancho Coronado


Name Tier Ripperdoc Location
Target Analysis Rare Kabuki
Explosives Analysis Uncommon Little China
Threat Detector Rare Downtown
Trajectory Analysis Legendary Little China

Sandevistan Mods

Name Tier Ripperdoc Location
Sandevistan: Overclocked Processor Common Japantown, Northside
Sandevistan: Prototype Chip Rare Arroyo, Rancho Coronado
Sandevistan: Neurotransmitters Rare Arroyo, Rancho Coronado
Sandevistan: Heatsink Common Japantown, Northside
Sandevistan: Tyger Paw Epic West Wind Estate, Rancho Coronado, Downtown
Sandevistan: Rabid Bull Epic West Wind Estate, Rancho Coronado, Downtown
Sandevistan: Arasaka Software Legendary Downtown, Wellsprings

Clothing Mods Crafting Specs & Locations

Name Tier Clothing vendor Location
Armadillo Common Japantown, Little China, Northside
Armadillo Uncommon Downtown
Resist! Common Japantown, Little China, Northside
Fortuna Legendary Downtown, Heywood
Bully Legendary Downtown, Heywood
Backpacker Common Japantown, Little China, Northside
Coolit Legendary Downtown, Heywood, Arroyo
Antivenom Epic Badlands, Rancho Coronado, West Wind Estate
Panacea Legendary DowntownHeywood
Superinsulator Epic Badlands, Rancho Coronado, West Wind Estate
Soft-Sole Epic Badlands, Rancho Coronado, West Wind Estate
Cut-It-Out Epic Badlands, Rancho Coronado, West Wind Estate
Predator Legendary Downtown, Heywood
Deadeye Legendary Downtown, Heywood

Clothing Crafting Specs & Locations

Crafting Spec Name Quality Tier Vendor Location
Darra polytechnic tactical balaclava Uncommon Japantown, Northside
Durable Lime Speed modular helmet Uncommon Charter Hill, Little China
Mox gas mask with custom protective layer Uncommon Northside
Arasaka tactical techgogs Uncommon Japantown
5hi3ld Superb combatweave aramid breastplate Uncommon Japantown
Green Viper double-nanoweave pencil dress Uncommon Northside
Hebi Tsukai cashmere-nanofiber shirt Uncommon Japantown
Red Leopard button-up with composite insert Uncommon Charter Hill, Japantown
Spotted flexi-membrane bustier Uncommon Little China
Golden Mean aramid-stitch formal skirt Uncommon Charter Hill, Little China
Durable Smiley hard loose-fits Uncommon Japantown, Northside
Sunny Ammo synthetic high-tops Uncommon Japantown
Reinforced biker boots Uncommon Charter Hill, Little China
Ten70 Bada55 polycarbonate bandana Rare Japantown
Abendstern Polycarbonate Dress Wedges Rare Japantown ,Badlands
Puncture-Resistant NUSA T-Shirt Rare Japantown
Durable syn silk blazer Rare Badlands
Upgraded farmer hat with gauge Rare Arroyo, Badlands
Stylish turquoise sport glasses Rare West Wind Estate, Little China, Rancho Coronado
Trilayer steel ocuset Rare Arroyo. Charter Hill
Psycho flexiweave long-sleeve Rare West Wind Estate, Northside
That good old red, white and blue Rare Arroyo, Japantown, Rancho Coronado
Denki-shin thermoset hybrid crystaljock bomber Rare Little China
Powder Pink light polyamide blazer Rare Badlands, Rancho Coronado
Milky Gold trench coat with bulletproof triweave Rare Arroyo, Charter Hill
Classic aramid-weave denim shorts Rare Badlands, Japantown
Bai Long formal pants with reinforced neo-silk Rare West Wind Estate, Rancho Coronado
Abendstern polycarbonate dress shoes Rare Badlands, Japantown
Glitter laceless sturdy-stitched steel-toes Rare West Wind Estate, Northside
Stylish leather flat cap with light armor layer Epic Rancho Coronado
Blue brick reinforced hotpants Epic Arroyo, Heywood
Laminated security hardhat with headset Epic West Wind Estate
Graffiti thermoset synweave hijab Epic Corpo Plaza
Blue menpo with protective padding Epic Badlands
Gold Punk Aviators Epic Corpo Plaza, Downtown
Paris Blue office shirt and vest with reinforced seams Epic Downtown
Padded Denki Hachi hybrid-weave bra Epic Badlands
Stylish Ten70 Daemon Hunter coat Epic West Wind Estate
Cyan multiresist evening jacket Epic Downtown
Geisha flexi-weave cargo pants Epic Corpo Plaza
Green Graffiti athletic armor-coated athletic shoes Epic Arroyo, Heywood
Midday Glow polycarbonate formal pumps Epic Rancho Coronado
Mirame reinforced-composite cowboy hat Legendary Heywood
Durable Emerald Speed polyamide beanie Legendary Downtown
Aoi Tora enhanced BD wreath Legendary Downtown
Sun Spark thermoset chemglass infovisor Legendary Heywood
Daemon Hunter resistance-coated tank top Legendary Heywood
Composite Geisha combat shirt Legendary Corpo Plaza
SilveRock bulletproof-laminate biker vest Legendary Heywood
Deadly Lagoon armored syn-silk pozer-jacket Legendary Corpo Plaza
Uniware Brass office pants with membrane support Legendary Corpo Plaza
Chic Pink Dragon skirt with fiberglass sequins Legendary Downtown
Gold Fury neotac bulletproof pants Legendary Heywood
Multilayered Kasen exo-jacks with anti-shrapnel lining Legendary Corpo Plaza
Enhanced Daemon Hunter tongues Legendary Downtown


Although Cyberpunk 2077 crafting plays a part in the game, it’s easy enough to complete the game without touching the crafting interface at all. Craft to squeeze the most out of your weapons/items.

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