Cyberpunk 2077 Quests List – Choices and Endings

Cyberpunk 2077 Quests

Cyberpunk 2077 quests can determine the final ending players will experience depending on choices made throughout the story. The main questline will push the story forward and in between these quest players can undertake side quests. In this guide, we take you through the main questlines and how to achieve the different endings.

Some of the side quests will help you achieve the different ending option and our advice is to do everything before entering Embers. This is the point of no return which will lock in the endings available to you depending on which of the Cyberpunk 2077 quests you have completed. If you have done everything, you will get all the options at the end.

The quests and questline may seem a little confusing at first but there is a logical path through the game if you follow the paths carefully and aim for game completion.

A tip is to do everything you can and then save the game just before you enter Embers. You can then go reload the save and choose a different ending each time. That is assuming you have done all the Cyberpunk 2077 quests which are in the main questlines below to unlock all the endings first.


Players will enter Night city and start the Cyberpunk 2077 quests as either a Corpo, Nomad or Street Kid with different starting locations.

Act 1 Quests

  • The Ripperdoc – Meet Victor Vector
  • The Ride – Meet Dexter Deshawn
  • The Pickup – Tackle Maelstrom and get the Flathead. Note: To sleep with Meredith, visit her first before tackling the Maelstrom. Either shoot Royce or give him the virused chip.
  • The Information – Introduction to Braindance with Judy
  • The Heist – Inflitrate the Konpeki Plaza hotel
  • Love Like Fire – Infiltrate Arasaka Tower as Johnny Silverhand

Act 2 Quests

  • Playing for Time – Meet Takemura after rescue

Act 2 Quest Section #1

  • Automatic Love – Mega Building 8 where you will search for Evelyn Parker and confront Woodman.
  • The Space in Between – Confronting fingers in Jig Jig street
  • Disasterpiece – Watch the braindance with Judy to find and help rescue Evelyn from the Scavs.
  • Double Life – Meet with Judy following the rescue and watch the Braindance leading to the Voodoo Boys in Pacifica.

Act 2 Quest Section #2

  • M’ap Tann Pelen – Head to Pacifica and meet Placide at the butcher via the chapel.
  • I Walk The Line – Take down the Animals inside the Grand Imperial Mall and confront the Netrunner.
  • Never Fade Away – Back inside Johnny, this is part of Transmission (see below). It’s here you find out what happens to Alt Cunningham.
  • Transmission – Finally meet Brigitte and contract Alt Cunningham. Side with either Netwatch or Voodoo Boys at the end for different end outcomes.

Act 2 Quest Section #3

  • Ghost Town – Meet Rogue at Afterlife and ultimately pay her 15K to give you Panam’s details. Panam will help with capturing Hellman.
  • Lightning Breaks – Panam and V head out to take down Hellman’s transport with and EMP.
  • Life During Wartime – Find Hellman at the crash site with the other Aldecados. Interrogate Hellman.

Act 2 Section #4

  • Down On The Street – Meet Takemura to hatch a plan with Wakako to meet Hanako Arasaka.
  • Gimme Danger – Either let Takemura do the reconnaissance or go with him. The best option is to go with him and not miss out on an infiltration mission.

Act 2 Final Quests

There are two final quests to conclude Act 2 once the above is done.

  • Play It Safe – Defeat the three snipers and Oda in a final boss fight.
  • Search & Destroy – Meet with Hanako and then escape.

Act 3 Quests

Act three is where players will make a choice of which ending they take depending on choices in the previous missions and side missions. All start at Embers with the quest Nocturne OP551N.

Ending Route 1  – Nocturne OP551N 

This ending is always available by default and stick to Hanako’s plan. The following missions are now undertaken.

  • Last Caress – Infiltrate the heavily guarded Arasaka Estate and depart with Hellman and Hanako.
  • Totalimmortal – Follow Hanako through Arasaka Tower to her father’s secret room. Get ready for the final fight.
  • Where Is My Mind? – Find out V’s fate for this questline ending.

Ending Route 2  – Nocturne OP551N 

N0te – Players will have to have a favorable rank with Johnny of at least 60%. This can be achieved partially in the Oil Fields when you sit with Johnny and select the dialogue “The Guy who Saved My Life”. Also, do his side missions with Kerry Eurodyne and the band.

This ending is the Johnny Silverhand plan featuring Rogue ending.

  • For Whom The Bell Tolls – Meet with Rogue and Weyland and head to Arasaka Tower.
  • Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door – Infiltrate Arasaka Tower with Rogue and Weyland. Get ready for the final fight.
  • New Dawn Fades – Find out V’s fate for this questline ending.

Ending Route 3  – Nocturne OP551N 

N0te – Players will have to have completed all Panam’s side missions with the Aldecados.

This is the ending with Panam and the Aldecados which ends with the quest Queen Of The Highway

  • We Gotta Live Together – Call Panam for help and then head to the Nomad camp and become an Aldecado.
  • Forward To Death – Scan the construction site and defeat the defending forces.
  • Belly Of The Beast – Infiltrate Arasaka Tower
  • with the Aldecados’ help. Get ready for the final fight.
  • All Along The Watchtower – Find out V’s fate for this questline ending.

Ending Route 4  – Nocturne OP551N (Secret Ending)

Note – Players will have to have completed the following side missions

  • Tapeworm to appease Johnny.
  • Chippin’ In

Assuming you have done the above and made the correct dialogue choices during the end of Chippin’ In you can get this ending (see video below). This ending is well hidden and it relies on you not choosing an option during the end Nocturne OP551N scene on the rooftop. Johnny will suggest another plan if you wait long enough (see video below).

These ending missions are called:

  • (Don’t Fear) The Reaper
  • Path Of Glory

The video below shows the dialogue choices you need to use during Chippin’ In when you talk to Johnny at the Oil fields. You have to follow these options or this ending will not unlock. Note: The video below will not show you the ending.

Romance options in Cyberpunk 2077 quests

As a lot of players look for romance/sexy time options. Here’s how they are activated for each character.

  • Judy Alvarez – Complete Disasterpeace mission
  • Panam – Complete Ghost Town mission and agree with her throughout her plotline.
  • River – Undertake the I Fought The Law side quest and then The Hunt.
  • Meredith Stout – Side with Militech in The Pickup mission. Meredith will eventually invite you to chat and you need to choose the dialogue option where V wants to see her “ink”.
  • Kerry Eurodyne – Romance starts during the Off the Leash mission.


There is no one way to complete the game. Players can easily miss side quests and even main questlines when playing Cyberpunk 2077 quests. If you go to Embers too soon and activate the Nocturne OP551N too early, you will miss quests. We recommend you do all the quests and side quests before that end triggering mission. Don’t forget to save before you enter Embers!

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