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Players can augment their character by utilising perks in the five ability trees. This page details all the Intelligence Perks available to players. Utilise these Intelligence perks to improve your Cyberpunk 2077 skills in hacking.

Cyberpunk 2077 Intelligence Perks Descriptions – Patch 2.0

Required Base Skill Skill Description

Eye in the Sky

Automatically highlights nearby Access Points and cameras.

When uploaded through camera, Control quickhacks, Covert quickhacks and the Distract Enemies quickhack have: -1 RAM cost, +50% duration.

Forcekill Cypher

Reduces sequence length required to hack Access Points byl

Total sequence length cannot be reduced below 2 characters.

Warning: Explosion Hazard

+40% explosion damage from hacked devices, +80% additional explosion damage to enemies affected by quickhacks (including Distract Enemies)

Hack Queue

  • Level 1: +1 Max RAM.
  • Level 2: unlocks quickhacks queues, allowing 2 quickhacks on a single enemy. Queued quickhacks automatically upload in the order they are added, +30% upload speed for the second quickhack in a queue

Feedback Loop

+25% RAM recovery rate for each quickhack currently in a queue

Data Recycler

After neutralizing an enemy, recover 80% of the RAM cast from all quickhacks remaining in their queue


When you’re the target of an enemy netrunner. using a quickhack against them will also spread the quickhack’s effect to their allies


When you’re the target of an enemy netrunner. you are now able to counter quickhack them through walls and obstacles

Queue Acceleration

  • Level 1: +1 max RAM
  • Level 2: -1 RAM cost to quickhack devices and vehicles.
  • Level 3: +1 quickhack queue size, +60 upload speed for quickhack third or later in the queue

Finisher: Live Wire

Unlocks a Monowire Finisher.

Press [F] when an enemy’s Health is low.

The more quickhacks you have queued on an enemy, the mare susceptible they are.

Restores 15% Health and 5 RAM.

Queue Prioritization

+50% upload speed for the first quickhack when you have at least 2 quickhacks queued on an enemy.

Queue Hack_Route

~1 RAM cost for the first quickhack of each unique category (Covert, Combat. Control) second or later in the queue

Blood Daemon

When Overlock is active: +40 health for each quickhack queued on an enemy at the time you neutralize them.

Queue Mastery

+1 quickhack queue size. The last quickhack to fill a queue has 50% RAM cost and locks the queue until all quickhacks have uploaded, +15% damage
against enemies with a locked queue


+35% RAM recovery rate.

Proximate Propagation

Reduced RAM cost the closer you are to the target (max – 35%)


-30% traceability for all quickhacks.


+100% duration for Control quickhacks used on full-health enemies.

Embedded Exploit

Level 1: +10% RAM recovery rate.

Level 2: +60% quickhack damage against enemies affected by Control quickhacks, Covert quickhacks or the Distract Enemies quickhack.


~1RAM cost for Combat quickhacks used on enemies affected by or targeted Control quickhacks, Covert quickhacks or the Distract Enemies quickhack


Monowire attacks recover 0.5 RAM. Increases to 1 if the enemy is affected by or targeted by a quickhack.


100% trace progress after performing a Takedown.

System Overwhelm

+7% quickhack damage for each unique quickhack and DOT effect affecting the target.


Neutralizing an enemy with a Combat quickhack recovers RAM equal to 25% of the total cost of all quickhacks affecting the target


Only affects Smart weapons

+2 RAM after neutralizing an enemy with a Smart weapon. If the enemy is affected by quickhacks, restores additional RAM equal to 50% of their total RAM cost


  • Level 1: +10% RAM recovery rate
  • Level 2: +10% quickhack damage
  • Level 3: Unlocks Overclock mode.

If you have a cyberdeck installed, press [E] to activate. In this mode, you can use quickhacks even with insufficient RAM, but each RAM unit aver your max costs 1 Health instead

Duration: 14 sec.
Cooldown: 30 sec.


When Overclock is active, all RAM recovery effects also regenerate Health

Power Surge

Activating Overclock instantly restores Health equal to 5 times your max RAM.

Rage Against Mind

When Overlock is active: increased quickhack damage as health decreases (max +50%). Health is measured when you begin upload


When Overlock is active: +50% chance for quickhacks to spread to an additional target.

Smart Synergy

Only affects Smart weapons

When Overlock is active, smart ‘weapons gain instant target lock, and +25% damage if the enemy is affected by a quickhack


Unlocks Vehicle quickhacks, allowing you to remotely take control, set off alarms or even blow them up.

The availability of a given quickhack depends on the Tier of your installed cyberdeck

Acquisition Specialist

Only affects Smart weapons

  • Level 1: 10% larger target reticle for smart weapons.
  • Level 2: reloading smart weapons no longer interrupts target lock, +15 lock-on speed when hip- firing, +20% lock-on speed when aiming

Precision Subroutines

Only affects Smart weapons

+2% accuracy with smart weapons for each unit in your cyberdeck’s max RAM.

No Escape

Only affects Smart weapons

When using Smart weapons, if the target lock on an enemy is about to end, shooting them resets it.

Target Lock Transfer

Only affects Smart weapons

  • Level 1: 10% larger targeting reticle for smart weapons.
  • Level 2: switching from aiming to hip-fire does not disengage target-lock on headshots and
  • Level 3: switching from one smart weapon to another no longer interrupts target lock

Terminal Velocity

Only affects Smart weapons

Increased projectile velocity and lock-on range for 10 sec. after neutralizing an enemy with smart weapon. Stacks 3 times. New stacks reset duration. Al
stacks are removed when duration ends.

Targeting Prism

Only affects Smart weapons

Enables multiple target locks ‘when aiming and increases the number of simultaneous targets for all smart weapons by 1.

To see previous Intelligence Perks prior to the 2.0 update, check the Intelligence Perks Archive.

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