Life Paths

Cyberpunk 2077 Life Paths are the foundation for your V character. They are key to setting you on your journey in Night City.

There are three Life Paths to choose from. Nomad, Street Kid, and Corporate. Each of these determines how your V character is perceived in the world by others and your basic skill sets. This can influence how some of the characters you encounter interact with you in the game because there is special dialogue options for each life path.

Each Life Path also starts the player in different locations at the start of the game, also called the prologue. The prologue takes place six months before the main game and it’s an introduction to Night City and the character you created during the character creation process.


Nomad Life Path

Starting as Nomad, players find themselves on the outskirts of Night City in a zone called the Badlands beyond the border of Night City. Nomads are outsiders raiding for scrap and free to be who they want to be outside of the city. They are also quite handy when it comes to vehicles and maintenance.

Street Kid

El Coyote Cojo

The Street Kid path starts players at El Coyote Cojo in Heywood. After being brought up on the streets, this version of V is streetwise and aware of the gangs, fixers, and undesirables of Night City. In other words, you know how hard it is to survive on the streets.


Corp players will find themselves thrust into the City Center and start inside the Arasaka Tower. Being a Corporate means you’ll do anything to win even if that means screwing over the little guy. You want to be one of the winners in the high flying shady world of the Night City corporations. A point to note that in the Corpo HUD there is a stockmarket ticker but its purpose has not been revealed.

What to pick?

All of these paths will determine how successful a player is in certain situations. For example, a Street Kid can probably handle gangs better than a Corporate. There is a citizen hierarchy in Night City and lower-level status citizens are unlikely to welcome a Corpo with open arms while they would be less wary of a Street Kid.

There are also different dialogue options presented to the player depending on what has been picked. Players will, therefore, be dealing with similar situations in different ways.

That said, once the prologue concludes, players essentially forge their own path. For example, you may start as a Corpo but end up being allied with the Nomads depending on which paths you take in the game.

Life Path Looks

Life path looks

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