Phantom Liberty Iconic Weapons and Locations

Phantom Liberty Iconic Weapons and Locations

Below is a list of all the Phantom Liberty Iconic weapons that can be found in missions, gigs, drops, and dotted around the game world.

For a list of all the iconic weapons for the original base game, check this page.

Phantom Liberty Iconic Weapons

Name Type Weapon Location Guide


Axe Found in an area of increased criminal activity, dropped by Ayo Zarin. Watch


Power Shotgun Found randomly from airdrops  


Pistol Rescue Hasan, he will contact you later in the story to give you the weapon. Watch

Baby Boomer

Baseball Bat Tell Lina to convince Tool he is an FIA clone during the Dazed and Confused mission. Watch

Bald Eagle

Power Revolver Defeat Kurt Hansen – Help Reed story arc Watch


 Sniper Rifle Found randomly from airdrops  

Baseball Bat X-Mod2

Baseball Bat Along a walkway near the Heavy Hearts. Watch


Assault Rifle Get Carmen you need to convince paco to leave in Balls to the Wall gig. Watch


Power Pistol Kill Angie during mission “No Easy Way Out”. Watch 


Smart Pistol Top floor of Heavy Hearts during the Heaviest of Hearts gig. In Booth 6. Watch


Crowbar Found in box near the beginning of the tunnel where you drop underground during the main mission “Somewhat Damaged” Watch

Cut-o-Matic X-MOD 2

Chainsword Located in Terra Cognita in south Dogtown, close to the Increased Criminal Activity Scav hideout in the convention centre. Look behind the ship statue. Watch


 Power Double-Barrel Shotgun Mission Man who killed Jason Foreman. Point gun at Rinder and get the stash key. Watch


Power Submachine Gun Crafting Spec for this iconic is available for looting during the main mission “Somewhat Damaged” Watch


Knife Defeat Kurt Hansen – Help Reed story arc Watch


Power Assault Rifle

Found in your apartment in Dogtown after Reed and Myers leave at the start of mission Lucretia My Reflection


Her Majesty

Power Pistol Give by Alex at the start of the main mission Get it Together Watch

Hercules 3AX

Smart Assault Rifle Found in the armory in the mission Roads to Redemption, close to where you disarm the bomb Watch

Gris Gris

Tech Revolver Slider’s hideout. Need keycard from Treating Symptoms quest so do that first before visiting with Reed. Watch

Guillotine X-MOD2

Power Submachine Gun Found in a container. Will need points in Body to get this open Watch

Kyubi X-MOD2

Power Assault Rifle Found at the bottom of the big circular pool of water across the street from the Golden Pacific Watch


Tech Revolver Found randomly from airdrops  


Power Revolver Start Run this Town for Mr Hands Watch

Murphy’s Law

One-Handed Club Dropped by one of Kurt Hansen’s Men during Firestarter. Watch

NDI Osprey

Power Sniper Rifle Weapon case on the left in the armory of Alex’s safehouse during the Birds With Broken Wings mission. Watch


Knife Grab off the body in Konpeki Plaza


Smart Pistol Defeat the robots in gig Treating Symptoms Watch

Ol Reliable

Power Revolver Let Bree be killed in the mission Shot by Both Sides. Watch


Tech Pistol From Reed at the end of Songbirds quest if you fulfill her wishes.  


Smart Submachine Gun Kill Boris Rebakov during the mission Spy in the Jungle Watch

Pozhar X-MOD2 

Power Shotgun Climb the crane and find the party. Need to be at the party around 4AM for the door to be open. Watch 


Tech Submachine Gun Found in an area of increased criminal activity Watch


Tech Sniper Rifle Reward during the main mission You Know my Name Watch


Power Pistol Kill Dante during Shot by Both Sides mission Watch


Power Revolver Kill Dodger in the mission Waiting for Dodger. Also pick up Volkodav here. Watch


Power Sniper Rifle Found in an area of increased criminal activity Watch


Power Revolver Found randomly from airdrops  

Umbra X-MOD2 

Power Assault Rifle Found on construction site near Terra Cognita. The way through to this may be blocked. Not sure at what point it becomes unblocked but you can cheat it with a vehicle. Watch


Machete Mission Waiting for Dodger inside a box in the police station. Also pick up Rosco here. Watch

Wild Dog

Power Light Machine Gun Defeat Kurt Hansen – Help Reed story arc Watch


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