Watson is Cyberpunk 2077’s starting district for V. Once home to the Corporations, this far eastern themed district now features winding alleyways with bazaars and markets.

The Japanese had big plans for Watson ploughing money into its development. Development ended when Saburo Arasaka returned to Night City following the Unification War. Arasaka wiped out the competition and Watson changed following a rise in unemployment when the industrial areas stopped providing jobs. Watson is now a shadow of its former self.

Arasaka also took over what was the Watson Waterfront which is now called the Arasaka Waterfront.

The district used to be packed with corporate offices, nightclubs, and even a high-end med center. That’s now all gone and it’s known as the “bad neighborhood of Night City”.

The most prolific gang in this zone is the Maelstrom who can be found in the factories and the Totentanz Club They are obsessed with cybertechnology, and their urge to improve the weakness of human flesh is far stronger than their fear of cyberpsychosis. Another prolific gang working in Watson is the Tyger Claws whose territory also expands into Westbrook.

The Mox gang also has a presence in Watson around Lizzie’s bar which is used as their meeting place.

Watson is an important zone in the game as players will find themselves here following the prologue and it’s also home to V’s apartment.

District – Arasaka Waterfront

The Arasaka Waterfront is a walled-off port with hundreds of shipments flowing through it every month. This is a heavily secured area with automated armoured gun turrets, electrified razor wire, motion sensors, and more. You are not welcome here.

With so many shipments coming, Arasaka has made sure they keep out the gangs and scavengers. Should you make it inside, you may never come out alive and you’ll never be seen again.

District – Northside Industrial District (NID)

Called the NID by locals, the Northside Industrial District was once a prosperous industrial district but has now been abandoned due to an earthquake and failed investments.

The Maelstrom gang is in full control inside the NID using warehouses to store stolen goods and establish hideouts.

In the game, this district is referred to as Northside in the game.

District – Kabuki

Now one of the poorest districts in Night City, Kabuki was once the pride of the Japanese medical corporations due to its proximity to the famous Med Center.

Repopulated by the Chinese, it features narrow alleys which houses cheap eateries, junk shops, and cosmetic boutiques.

By night, Kabuki ‘sblack market comes to life and everything is up for grabs including prototype cyber augmentations, snuff braindances, steroids, synth viruses, and even implant organs.

Merchants here are supplied by Scavengers who prey on visitors dragging them to seedy basements and removing their implants or organs to resell to Ripperdocs.

There is a gang presence in Kabuki, the Maelstrom and Tyger Claws frequent the area but the Mox are in real control. Kabuki is also home to Lizzie’s Bar which is controlled by the Mox.

District – Little China

In the 2040s the district attracted Asian immigrants. Over the decades the district became overpopulated and slowly but surely adopted a more Chinese ethnic aesthetic.

Everything here is distinctly Chinese, from food to language. Legal businesses sit beside seedier operations which attract middle management Corpos to the bars and clubs. It’s a district where the slightly better off mix with the homeless.

While no single gang controls Little China, the Tyger Claws frequent the area for entertainment.

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