Westbrook is now a place where the wealthy live. In areas such as North Oak and the even more sought after Charter Hill. North Oak, once the choice location for the wealthy, is now less sought after.

Westbrook has not always been an attractive place to live. Following the Nuclear Incident of 2023, it took a brunt of the damage around Japantown and Charter Hill was flooded with refugees. Rebuilding started in 2040 and with old damaged buildings being demolished. Asian corporations rebuilt the area restoring Japantown and constructing new megabuildings and skyscrapers.

Charter Hill was the prime residential location for the rich.  Charter Hill is still one of the few areas in Night City where there’s a very limited crime and no gang presence. It’s particularly scenic compared to the rest of Night City. North Oak has now overtaken Charter Hill as Night City’s premier residential area.

District – Japantown

A real tourist attraction, Japantown plays host to bars, upmarket restaurants, gaming parlours, the Cherry Blossom market, and the Shinto temple. By night, Japantown comes alive for tourists and Corpos who frequent the establishments to let their hair down.

Brothels and casinos keep visitors amused but beware of the Tyger Claw gang, they control the district when the sun sets.

District – North Oak

North Oak is the top choice of living location for the more affluent Night City residents and Corpos. It’s an exclusive residential district with no poverty or gangs. In the game. there are not that many buildings in this location but all play a part in the story ay some point.

District – Charter Hill

Charter Hill attracted the wealthier Night City residents prior to the development of North Oak and is a more recent addition to Night City having been built in the “Rebuilding” period.

Charter hill now attracts mid-tier Corpo types who work in the City Center and Westbrook.

Images of Westbrook

Gangs of Westbrook

Tyger Claws

Prolific gangs in Japantown include The Tyger Claws who are ruthless and violent with their street bikes and luminous tattoos. Tyger Claws are a gang of Japanese origin and stylistic influence, located in Japantown, Westbrook. They’re ruthless and violent in practice, and intimidating in appearance. Katanas, street bikes, and luminous tattoos are their trademarks. The Tyger Claws are known to work with the Arasaka Corp.


tiger claws

Also dominating Japantown are is the Arasaka Corporation providing corporate security, banking, and legal services. Arasaka are one of the most influential megacorporations in 2077. Arasaka also develops weapons and manufactures vehicles that are highly sought after. The Tyger Claws work with the Arasaka Corporation.

Arasaka Logo

arasaka corp



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