Get ready for Night City Wire tomorrow – Start time and details

night city wire

Tomorrow is a huge day for Cyberpunk 2077 fans. We’ve waited a long time to see new footage and find out more about the game. Night City Wire is a day away and tomorrow we can expect a huge info dump.

Press previews form this week’s press event will start surfacing tomorrow and we’ll have a full list as they appear. Also, tomorrow at 6PM CEST (5PM GMT/12PM EST/9AM PST) Cd Projekt will be streaming Night City Wire. What we do know is that at least 30 minutes will be a new trailer and gamplay footage which is a solid start. Also teased is a chat with the devs about one of the game’s features, braindance.

We’ve heard bits and pieces about braindance but nothing in detail so this should be an interesting segment from the show. Could this have something to do with VR? We’ll know soon enough.

The event will be streamed on the CD Projekt Twitch channel and other places.

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