Here’s the Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X Limited Edition – ARG Completed?

For the past 24 hours there’s been an ARG running which is pushing folk around to what appears to be an Xbox One X Cyberpunk 2077 console and controller reveal. It’s not really been much of a surprise because due to some serious leakage, images appeared prior to this kicking off and now it’s been revealed. Is there still more to come?

Last night images of a Cyberpunk controller appeared on Amazon in Canada which were not supposed to pop up, but they did. This was the first indication that something was afoot.

Today something strange was happening on the Xbox site with Cyberpunk imagery taking over with a four-day countdown.

Some keen fans spotted the Amazon listing which also pointed to a complete custom Xbox One system. The date for this reveal is 20 April which also coincides with the date that was being teased on the Xbox site.

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One

The Xbox site also displayed what appeared to be a load of gibberish inside some text with the word PASSPHRASE. This kicked off an ARG which intrepid fans have been busy puzzling over trying to crack the code. The Xbox twitter account then led to a page at this URL which asks for a username and passcode. Anyway, the whole thing could be a little pointless if this is all that’s being revealed. There’s still the NCPD website which apparently has still not been solved so perhaps there’s more hiding in there.

So all the teasing and leaks effectively lead to an Xbox One Cyberpunk Limited Edition Bundle. This was an unlisted video on the Xbox Youtube channel.

So that’s it. Nothing too spectacular at the moment and nothing really new to share from CD Projekt themselves for the time being. Perhaps this countdown will lead to more news when it hits day four which is on Monday 20 April.


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