The Keanu Reeves trailer as 55 million views. This is how it was made

Everyone following Cyberpunk 2077 has probably watched the 2019 E3 Keanu Reeves trailer multiple times and it’s been a huge success. With over 55 million views, the creative studio behind the trailer Goodbye Kansas shares how the trailer came to be.

Goodbye Kansas, who are based in Sweden, loved CD Projekt’s work so much that they reached out and that was the start of the E3 trailer collaboration with CD Projekt. In a new article on Digital Arts, they discuss how they came to work on the trailer and how it was created.

Here’s a snip:

“We had to hit the ground running – E3 was a definite deadline so we had to move quickly. We looked at some in-game clips and substance files, and then made a plan to get characters into the pipeline in the quickest and most efficient way possible,” explained Jonas Skoog.

“We massaged the script, storyboard, and pre-vis to figure out the movie. We wanted to find the rhythm and beats in the story and find ways to make it as emotionally engaging and exciting as possible, leading up to the big reveal at the end,”

Check out the full article for more on the cinematic’s creation.

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