Leaked Cyberpunk 2077 Internal Bug Footage Highlighted Problems

Leaked Cyberpunk 2077 Internal Bug Footage Highlighted ProblemsYou may remember that CD Projekt had source code and other confidential information stolen back in February. Some of that material has now apparently been released publically, specifically leaked Cyberpunk 2077. Now assuming these are legitimate, which after looking around they appear to be, they really do highlight the problems during testing.

Four videos appeared overnight, three of which highlight the game’s issues from internal testers. The first video released shows early proof of concept footage which, as you you’d expect, is very rough and is not exactly cutting edge visually. .  The more problematic videos are the ones that were created highlighting game bugs.

Many of you will recognise problems in these three bug videos that were still happening when the game releases. While these videos are amusing to watch, they highlight the problems at CDPR with management pushing for the release as soon as possible despite the numerous delays.

Bloomberg’s Jason Shreier also chipped in this morning with this tweet in response to CDPR’s Adam Badowski who commented on his previous article about the state of the game.


Update: Schreir added later in the day:

There’s no doubt that management decisions tarnished the company reputation. I think we can all agree that the game could have done with at least another six months to a year to release in tip-top condition.

While Cyberpunk 2077 is thoroughly enjoyable on PC, even with its occasional glitches, it still has issues. I played around 120+ hours and didn’t see many issues apart from the classic T-pose on motorbikes which was prevalent. Everyone appears to have had different experiences with the game which is part of its problem.

Here are the alleged leaked videos which show that some of the issues you may have seen at launch were highlighted by the testers. There’s also plenty of chickens and nudity.

Watch the Leaked Cyberpunk 2077 Bug Footage


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