The Atlantic talks to Mike Pondsmith about Cyberpunk

mike pondsmithIn the December issue of the Atlantic, there is an article called The Role-Playing Game That Predicted the Future with Mike Pondsmith and it’s now online.

The Atlantic article talks to Mike Pondsmith and also digs deeper into his background and how his world of Cyberpunk came to be. The article is worth a read, especially if you are coming to the Cyberpunk universe for the first time because of Cyberpunk 2077. Here’s a snip as a primer:

For eight years, the Polish video-game developer CD Projekt Red has likewise been consumed with the task of making Pondsmith’s world feel authentic on-screen. In 2012, when the studio first contacted R. Talsorian Games about adapting Cyberpunk, Pondsmith paid a visit to the Warsaw headquarters expecting the operation, he has joked, to consist of “four guys and a goat.” Instead, Pondsmith met a team with epic ambitions, well on the way to becoming what it is now—one of the most valuable gaming companies in Europe.



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