The Best Cyberpunk 2077 Quests

The Best Cyberpunk 2077 Quests

Picking the best Cyberpunk 2077 quests is really hard. Having played through the game a few times we’ve picked our top five quests after a lot of discussion. These quests we have picked in this shortlist have probably been the most engaging in our opinion offering a good mix of action and narrative. Spoiler warning before you read on!

Number 5 – Riders on the Storm

Riders on the Storm is a great quest as it gives players the opportunity to tackle it either as complete stealth or going in guns blazing, Whichever way you decide to do it, there’s plenty of targets to take down.

Attempting this as stealth is a challenge, especially trying towards the end trying to reach Saul. Attempting it with brute force is just as challenging because the compound is really heavily guarded.

Then there’s the escape, either through the tunnel or trying to get out the way you got it which is not easy. The other huge end bonus is getting your hands on Panam’s sniper rifle which is a really useful piece of kit.

Number 4 – I Walk the Line

This mission takes you into the world of the Voodoo Boys and it’s the first main mission in Pacifica. Meeting the Voodoo boys is almost a culture shock.

The Voodoo Boys are quite different from the other NPCs you interact with in the earlier parts of the game making a refreshing change from zones such as Watson or Westbrook.

The real stand-out is the level design in the Mall. The Animals gang members are protecting the Mall and these guys are buffed to the max making them tougher than usual opponents.

How you tackle this mission it is up to you, but we found that a particularly decent sniper rifle makes this mission highly entertaining.

Finally, there’s the boss fight with Sasquatch. There are not that many big boss fights in the game and this is likely one of the first players encounter so it’s a decent challenge.

Number 3 – Chippin In

Chippin’ In is not in the main questline and can be missed but it’s a really pivotal mission when it comes to understanding Silverhand and his relationship with V. This mission is also another mission in which players can tackle it stealthily or by force.

This mission also helps cement V’s relationship with Johnny and is key to getting access to not only Rogue’s game-ending and some extra missions, but also Johnny’s secret ending. There’s also that tasty Porsche at the end of it.

Number 2 – Forward To Death/Panam Ending

With Cyberpunk having multiple endings there’s some debate over which is the best one. For us Forward To Death, which is part of Panam’s ending, see the Aldecaldos help V in his/her final push to the end of the game.

What’s great about this mission is the variety with some Militech Basilisk action, taking down groups of soldiers and ultimately pushing inside the tunnel with the Aldecaldos in tow.

This of course leads to the Panan ending which we think is probably the best ending, not necessarily because of the outcome, but because there’s a good mix of story and action.

Number 1 – Play it Safe

Play it Safe is great for a number of reasons. First of all the setting where the city has gathered to watch the parade where the whole scene makes the city feel alive with the crowds watching.

This mission makes you feel part of something special that’s happening within Night City and we would have liked to have seen more missions like this with crowds.

Play it Safe has V sneaking around and with the objective to take down three snipers. The level design here is interesting with V climbing up and down between buildings to reach each sniper. Again, something we would have liked to have seen more of in other missions. A bit more verticality.

Throughout this mission, V is put under pressure from enemy forces and it comes to a conclusion with the Oda boss fight. This finale is tough and it’s a real challenge that can suck your ammo as Oda dashes around the room.

Picking The Best Cyberpunk 2077 Quests

It was hard to come up with a top five best Cyberpunk 2077 quests, there’s a lot of missions in the game if you include the side missions, and no doubt many fans will have enjoyed different quests to our top five.

Quests such as Pyramid Song for the Judy fans or even Sinnerman for its rather unusual questline touching on religion.

Whatever your top picks are, I think we can all agree Cyberpunk 2077 has some cracking quest experiences throughout the game and the quests team at CD Projekt has done a great job. They managed to bring Night City and its characters to live through all the different questlines.

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