The Onion Says Fallen Cyberpunk 2077 Devs will be Immortalised Forever

CD Projekt has been working on Cyberpunk 2077 for years. The team development will have been working extremely hard to get the game complete in the middle of this pandemic. The Onion has a humerous take on CD Projekt’s plans to immortalise the fallen developers who have given their lives for this game.

Making games is hard work and office stress levels will be mounting as a game nears release. The Onion has given their take on the dev team’s plans on how to keep their working spirit alive for eternity in Night City. Here’s a snip:

“We know the toll working on a title as massive as Cyberpunk can take, which is why we wanted to make sure we included a deserving reward for any of our employees who made the ultimate sacrifice,” said director Adam Badowski in a statement to OGN, describing the dozens of NPCs throughout the game world modeled on the likenesses, personalities, and desk decorations of deceased employees who worked 100-hour weeks to ensure the game shipped on time. “It’s a really touching tribute to see the faces of those who lost their lives making Cyberpunk 2077 and know that they’ll be strapped to their virtual desk forever, making new open-world titles for their favorite developer.”

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