The obligatory Cyberpunk 2077 Bugs and Performance post

Cyberpunk 2077 launched fine last night with the day 0 patch rolling out at midnight. So how was it for you? How are you finding the game so far? Have you spotted a load of bugs and performance issues?

With any game launch, there’s always a mixed bag of comments on how buggy the game is and issues with performance. From what I’ve been seeing today, Cyberpunk 2077 still had a lot of issues that have not been worked out prior to launch.

Reports of problems with performance, graphics settings, and of course bugs, a lot of bugs and glitches. This is across the board on both consoles and PC.

Based on what we saw from the online games press reviews, this was to be expected although perhaps people expected more from the day 0 patch than actually appeared. There’s no doubt CD Projekt still has some work to do and perhaps the 10 December release date was a little ambitious.

A thread has kicked off in the forums for performance and bugs discussion so if you want to share any tips to help others please do share them with the community. It may just help someone get the game running.

With the game coming out late EU time last night there are probably still a lot of people who have not had the chance to play and experience some of the issues yet. We’ll be keeping an eye out for fixes and testing a few things ourselves and if we spot any solutions we’ll make sure they’re posted in the forums.

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