Nvidia Cyberpunk 2077 Drivers Released

Nvidia Cyberpunk 2077 Drivers Released

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s AMD drivers comes new Nvidia Cyberpunk 2077 Drivers and they are just in time.

The new drivers should help with the performance so it’s essential you grab these ahead of midnight tonight.

 Installing our newest Game Ready Driver gets GeForce RTX gamers the definitive experience, enhanced with immersive ray-traced effects and performance-accelerating DLSS, which boosts frame rates by up to 60% or more, depending on your card, configuration and resolution.

Cyberpunk 2077, perhaps the most anticipated game of all time, launches later today. On PC, it features numerous ray-traced effects, and its performance is boosted by 60% or more by NVIDIA DLSSGeForce RTX’s critically acclaimed AI-powered tech.

Here a few charts with DLSS numbers

These latest drivers can now be grabbed via the GeForce Experience.

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