Cyberpunk 2077 Interactive Map Launched

We’ve been a little quiet for the past week but that’s because there’s been a project in the works here at PureCyberpunk. It’s the Cyberpunk 2077 interactive map of Night City. Read on to find out more…

I have always been a bit of a game map enthusiast and a few weeks ago I decided that there was enough information to start a map project. With two Noiht City Wire’s now done and dusted and the World of Cyberpunk book now released, there’s been a lot of information to piece together.

As we head to the game’s launch in November, more details on Night City will no doubt emerge so it’s a good idea to catalogue what we can now to help fans. That’s where the interactive map comes in. The map will allow us to pinpoint key objects in the world and provide more information to fans on those objects. Over time, information can be added to as fans discover new things in Night City. That could be key NPC locations, Ripperdocs, Easter eggs, travel points, well you name it, it can be added.

It’s been really fun getting this map working and operational and this is the first iteration. There’s no doubt things will be added to it or changed once the game’s released and I can get some feedback from the community.

I am hoping that this can turn into a real community project, and if you are a map enthusiast like me, and want to help and join the mapping team do let me know. You can contact me on [email protected]┬áif you want to help. If you have html experience that would be useful when inputting information.

How does the Cyberpunk 2077 Interactive Map work?

In the image below I have outlined the current functionality.

Cyberpunk 2077 Interactive Map Launched

It’s easy to use and the options should be self-explanatory but if there is anything else you want to see do let me know. Right! Without further ado, take it for a spin.

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