Watch Night City Wire Episode 2

It’s time to watch Night City Wire episode 2 and this week the dev team talks about numerous topics. On the table for discussion are Life Paths, music, weapons, and more.

Included in this week’s stream is more new gameplay footage which comes as part of the Life Paths segment. The footage gives a taste of each of the Life Paths.

The creation of the music with Refused as SAMURAI is an interesting segment where the band explains how much of a challenge it’s been to be a fictional band in a videogame.

The weapons segment also comes with new footage of gunplay which shows different weapon types in action. Players are going to have to hunt down weapons to find the best weapons, what’s for sale at vendors are not necessarily th ebest out there as you would expect in an RPG. Weapon mods such as attachments and mods which are chips that can be inserted into a weapon are also discussed.

Overall, it’s another decent episode, and while it may not be packed with new information, it’s great to see new footage. I think we can safely say this is going to be one polished and exciting game to play. As there’s not much new in this episode I’ll forgo a breakdown point by point as all of it is already covered in the PureCyberpunk site sections.

Watch Night City Wire Episode 2

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