Cyberpunk 2077 Launch Times Confirmed

We’ve pretty much known the Cyberpunk 2077 launch times for a couple of weeks but it’s always good to have confirmation on a yellow background.

As expected, and we reported on this a couple of weeks ago, the game will launch globally. The kick off time to enter Night City is midnight GMT on 10 December which means it’s going to be a very late night for Europeans. It’s a late morning start for the Australians while on the west coast they’ll have all evening to get stuck in.  Below is the chart in case you want it in words.

Cyberpunk 2077 Launch Times Confirmed

Cyberpunk 2077 Launch Times Times

Time Zone Time Date
PST (US West Coast) 16:00 9 December
EST (US East Coast) 19:00 9 December
ART (Brazil/Argentina etc) 21:00 9 December
GMT (UK/Ireland) 00:00 10 December
CET (Poland, France, Germany, etc) 01:00 10 December
JST (Japan) 09:00 10 December
AEST (Australia) 10:00 10 December
NZDT (New Zealand) 13:00 10 December

So what are your plans? Lock yourself away for a couple of weeks from everyone else in the house, get those pizza orders in early, stock up on the fizzy stuff? At least with all the COVID lockdown rules, you’re less likely to get dragged away from the game.

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