PureCyberpunk upgraded ahead of launch

purecyberpunk site updates

You may have noticed things have been a little quieter on the site today but there’s a reason for that. We’ve added more skill points to the PureCyberpunk hardware and called in Trauma Team.

Next week the game launches and we’re pretty excited at the prospect. So much so that we decided to bite the bullet and upgrade the hardware powering the site. What you are most likely to notice is site speed, everything should load faster and capacity has been increased.

Next week will be mental, we have a lot to update on the content side and then there’s the Cyberpunk 2077 map also. We’ll have some more news on the map for you tomorrow as we’ll be rolling out some enhancements on the map section. These would have gone live today but we decided to get the server migration done first.

Now that we are moved, hopefully, there won’t be any gremlins screwing things up anywhere but we’ll be keeping an eye on things for the next couple of days leading up to launch.

Not long now!

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