Cyberpunk 2077 leaked and streamed

Cyberpunk 2077 leaked and streamed

Cyberpunk 2077 leaked into the hands of someone and there was always a risk this would happen prior to the game’s launch next month.

This post is really a word of warning for spoilers that could appear on the Interwebs until launch. It appears that a PS4 copy of the game has been “acquired” by someone who decided to stream it last night. The footage also appeared on Youtube briefly. The good news is that the footage that was streamed is pretty much what we have all seen already in Nomad prologue. The game will also not have been patched and we’re expecting a day one patch that could fix a lot of the problems that have been reported in recent previews.

It’s worth pointing out that between now and December 10 we have no idea if anything else will appear or how many individuals will end up with this in their hands. Therefore, it’s important to be vigilant when reading posts or threads, especially on forums or Reddit, where things may slip through the net.

Early game leaks don’t happen as often as they used. When you are releasing what can be considered one of the hottest games for some time, there’s always going to be a risk. With retailers having to receive copies well in advance of launch, it only takes one employee to get their sticky fingers inside a box. Once the discs are ou the box the game can appear anywhere. This is a real frustration for developers wanting to keep their game under wraps. It’s also very frustrating for fans wanting to avoid spoilers. With Cyberpunk 2077 leaked, we can only hope CDPR are being vigilant at stopping more footage from appearing.

No leaked content will appear on PureCyberpunk so you can read the site knowing you’re safe from leaks.

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