Cyberpunk 2077 release times and pre-load dates appearing

It looks like no more delays are expected as the Cyberpunk 2077 release times are starting to change on various stores. These changes also now indicate a pre-load date and launch time.

Unsurprisingly, the game will launch globally at the same time. According to reports this morning, the Xbox and Playstation store are now showing times and dates. The shot below posted earlier is from the Xbox store.

Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox Store

This means for players in the US and South America, the game will actually launch on 9 December. Based on the times appearing today, the launch looks to be midnight GMT (UTC) on 10 December. Some fans have been stating it’s midnight Polish time, but based on the time above which was posted from the east coast US, it appears to be midnight GMT as the east coast is five hours behind the UK. If it does eventually turn out to be midnight Polish time, which I doubt as most game release times are set to UTC (GMT), then everything below would have to shift back one hour. Based on the time in the shot, we can work out the other time zones around the world which would be as follows.

Global Cyberpunk 2077 release times

Time Zone Time Date
PST (US West Coast) 16:00 9 December
EST (US East Coast) 19:00 9 December
ART (Brazil/Argentina etc) 21:00 9 December
GMT (UK/Ireland) 00:00 10 December
CET (Poland, France, Germany, etc) 01:00 10 December
JST (Japan) 09:00 10 December
AEST (Australia) 10:00 10 December
NZDT (New Zealand) 13:00 10 December

If the above is correct, the west coast UK players are going to have a good run during the day and EU players will likely be pulling an all-nighter.

In related news, there is also an indication that a pre-load will be available for console owners, and we also have to assume PC players, from 7 December at 11PM. This is going on a pre-load date from the Playstation store.

There will be confirmation of the above from CD Projekt closer to release but the Cyberpunk 2077 release times above appear to be what we can expect based on the latest store updates. Now you can start planning your time off from work or whatever else might get in the way of playing at launch. Again 🙂

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