Cyberpunk 2077 retail promotional materials indicate no more delays

Cyberpunk 2077 fans have been on the edge of their seats concerned that the game might be delayed again. It appears that’s unlikely now.

Retailers are now receiving promotional materials for the game ahead of launch next month. There have been mutterings within the community about a possible delay until 2021, but with the game being pushed back again recently, that seemed unlikely.

CD Projekt has been quiet on social media since the last delay which is probably why some people have been a little nervous. An image of retail promotional material arriving at retailers should assure fans that there will not be a further delay. This coupled with new posters dated December appearing in cities across the world is an indication we are now set for the launch next month.

Don’t forget, there is still one Night City Wire to go which kicks off on 19 November and this is likely to be the final one before launch. Time to soak up the last pieces of information before the game actually releases.

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