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It’s been a few days now since the game was released and players have had time to experience Cyberpunk 2077. Has CD Projekt delivered and lived up to expectations?

A lot of the post-release discussion has been focusing on bugs on the PC and the console version in its current form is not exactly visually spectacular if played on older hardware. That was apparent from the pre-release footage. Based on what we read in the press reviews and even in the earlier previews, all of these points were expected. Perhaps many of us expected a few more of the bugs to have been fixed in the day one patch.

It’s really hard to gauge how the community is feeling about the game as a whole. There are some really critical views on the game while others are embracing Night City. There have been people saying they are asking for refunds but they are most likely console players concerned about the poor visuals on the older hardware.

I know that if I had to play this on a console I would have tried to wait until the next-gen upgrade arrives in January. There’s not much point complaining when you’ve already been told there are improvements coming to take advantage of new hardware. By some accounts, things are better when it comes to new console hardware and Stadia.

Then there’s the reputation of CDPR itself, has trust been lost from consumers. An article on Forbes asks this very question. With all the debate over delays, crunch, and then the bugs, there’s no d0ubt there are questions that need to be asked about working practices at CDPR. Much of the anticipation for the game has been driven by careful PR and aggressive marketing leading up to launch which will have boosted pre-orders.

All of the above are will be discussed for months to come I’m sure.

Quick personal opinion on Cyberpunk 2077

Having reviewed games for a long time myself in printed press and online, I have to say it’s been a mixed bag so far. I am thoroughly enjoying the story, the acting, and the visuals on PC. Night City does look great and it’s been exciting to explore the streets which we’ve been doing for the map project. However, there are bugs that need to be fixed, it took a little time to find decent performance settings, and there are some irritating design choices when it comes to UI and object interaction.

The addition of Reeves playing a key character may please Matrix fans but he’s still as wooden as ever. He was fine in the Bill and Ted’s series because the characters were meant to be stupid and wooden, but in anything else, he’s not very convincing. That includes Cyberpunk 2077

These are just a few of my niggles, but what I can say is it’s not a 10/10 game, and whether it’s a 9/10 game is certainly debatable. Of course, review scores are subjective and if a game pulls you into the world in a convincing fashion then it’s doing most things right. At the moment, it’s ticking that immersive box for me.

Scores. What’s yours?

On our Cyberpunk 2077 reviews page, we compiled all the pre-release reviews and discovered an average rating of 8.7/10.  Perhaps even that is a little high for the game in its current state. The question is, what do you think. The people that have parted with hard cash to play what was considered the most anticipated game of 2020.

On the reviews page, we have added a five-star rating selector where you can go and add your own score. In a few weeks, we’ll take a look at the score and see whether you agree with the media reviews or have a different opinion of the game. Head over to the page and add your own score.

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  1. Tried out to run nvidia/geforce now , it ran rather well. Haven’t played at all just wanted to see what this game streaming can do. At least it doesn’t take space and nearly instant to start and no need for install. Too bad it wanted 1600 x whatever resolution, ill try it tomorrow for better res.

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