New CyberPoll – Where will you primarily place your Attribute points?


Following the first episode of Night City Wire, we’ve all learned a bit more about the game and what to expect. This includes Attribute points, Skills, and Perks. With its fluid class system, Cyberpunk 2077 lets you tailor your experience depending on where you place your points. We want to know where you plan on prioritising points.

The starting point for your V build is your Attributes (read more about these). It’s the Attributes that primarily decide how your character will play. As we know, this can be diverse but many players have already thought about where they want focus points. Will it be primarily in Body for melee damage or Cool to be a stealthy master?

Where are your Attribute points going?

Here’s a quick reminder of what each attribute does…

  • Body – Physical capabilities such as max health, accuracy, melee damage, reduces bullet spread, and max stamina.
  • Intelligence – Hacking proficiency in the world. Shortens hacking upload times and reduces hacking difficulty levels,
  • Reflexes – Coordination and dexterity which can increase crit chance, evasiveness, and attack speed.
  • Technical – Proficiency with tech including armour, harvesting loot, and crafting.
  • Cool – Staying cool under pressure such as stealth, crit hit damage increase, and improves resistances.

With all that in mind, we want to know where you will focus the bulk of your Attribute points. Get voting!

Where will you primarily place your Attribute points?

  • Intelligence  (23%)
  • Technical  (23%)
  • Cool  (23%)
  • Body  (15%)
  • Reflexes  (15%)
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