New Cyberpoll – Which Life Path Will You Take First?

Cyberpunk 2077 Life Path

As the release date gets closer fans are starting to think more about which path they will take and how they will build their version of V. The starting point for that is the Life Path but which will you take first?

The Life Path is a really important part of your story as V. There are three to choose from, Nomad, Street Kid or Corporate. Each path starts with its own prologue sequence to set the scene and then jumps six months into the future as you enter Night City. In effect, there are three different introductions to the game which will give Cyberpunk 2077 extra replayability as players start afresh.

Of course, it’s unlikely any playthrough will be the same twice depending on which quests you decide to undertake or even ignore. However, you have to start somewhere when the game launches so what’s it to be?  Start in the Badlands as a Nomad, become a streetwise Street Kid, or enter the dark corporate world by choosing the Corporate route? Let us know in this latest Cyberpoll.

Which Life Path will you take first?

Which Life Path Will You Take First?

  • Nomad (46%)
  • Corporate (29%)
  • Street Kid (24%)
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Previous Cyberpoll results

In our previous Cyberpoll, we asked where would be your primary focus for your Attribute points. It looks like players will be wanting to attempt a more stealthy/hack route with Intelligence, Technical and Cool sharing the top percentages. The results were as follows:

Where will you primarily place your Attribute points?

  • Intelligence  (23%)
  • Technical  (23%)
  • Cool  (23%)
  • Body  (15%)
  • Reflexes  (15%)
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