Night City Wire Episode 4 Recap

Night City Wire Episode 4 has now concluded and it was a cracker if you’re into your vehicles. There was some fantastic footage and more details on what to expect.

Vehicles were the focus of this week’s episode and the team shared more details on the vehicle types and how they are classing them in the game. From supercars to clapped out bangers, there’s a vehicle for everyone.

CD Projekt also announced a couple of collaborations, one of which we already know about because of teases this week. It has been confirmed that Johnny Silverhand’s car is a 1977 Porsche 911 making it exactly 100 years old. The other collaboration is with US-based custom motorcycle manufacturer Arch who have created a bike for the game. Keanu Reeves pops up in the Arch segment to lend his support.

The attention to detail on how the vehicles handle and sound was reiterated in this episode with footage of sound recording and testing. Vehicles are looking like they will play a big part in the game.

CD Projekt also touched again on fashion in this episode where they take a look at the different styles players may want to adopt in the game.

Finally, CD Projekt has announced that the game will be available of Stadia on launch day for those who want to play it that way.

Oh, one last thing, the cosplay contest has wrapped up and the costumes that made the final are simply outstanding. It’s amazing how much time and effort fans have put in to this contest. Truly amazing.

That just about covers it so if you have time watch Night City Wire Episode 4 below and check out our newly updated vehicles section.


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