PC version of Cyberpunk 2077 is complete. Current-gen consoles the issue

Yesterday’s Cyberpunk 2077 delay news came as shock for many but it’s clear more time is needed to get the game ready on current-gen consoles. The good news is the PC version is complete according to CD Projekt.CD Projekt Logo Cyberpunk 2077

Yesterday CD Projekt reiterated that getting this game out is tricky as there are nine versions of it to launch. Today, following their latest earnings call, CD Projekt outlined that it was actually the current-gen consoles that are holding the game up and that this “situation is different” compared to previous delays.

“The decision was not easy but we know there is just one release and the first impression is crucial

“We are really sure we have something amazing in our hands. Don’t get us wrong, we are kind of internally stressed on the one hand, but on the other we feel very strong about the game. We are super happy with what we will deliver.”

According to CD Projekt, this latest delay will affect their marketing plans which will now have to be revised. This will incur further costs. Despite some community backlash yesterday, CD Projekt says pre-orders are “very satisfying” and that this delay will have no major impact on pre-orders.

There’s no doubt that some of the community was raging following the delay news yesterday. Unfortunately, this lead to threats and harassment of members of the CD Projekt team. I urge anybody to refrain from doing this, it’s not only unfair to individuals working on the game but it’s completely uncalled for.

Source: biznes Market Insider



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