Phantom Liberty Dev Stream Recap

Phantom Liberty Dev Stream Recap

This afternoon, the CD Projekt team sat down for a Phantom Liberty Dev Stream and there’s a lot covered as well as a load of new gameplay.

There was plenty to get excited about and some questions about the expansion have been cleared up.

Phantom Liberty Dev Stream Notes

  • The expansion starts around the point where you meet Brigette and the Voodoo Boys. You can skip ahead that point if you have already played the game. If you have completed the game, as soon as you go back in, Songbird will reach out to you.
  • Songbird will unlock the new Relic skill tree
  • The Relic tree enhances Cyberware. Find Militech data terminals around Dogtown to unlock more. You will need to explore to get Relic points and these terminals are not marked, you need to hunt them down.
  • Attributes can be reset once when you get into the game.
  • A lot has changed with the skills and perks with Adrenaline and Fury (watch the segment on this in the video as it’s explained well). Simply put, you will be pushing your limits but will not become a Cyberpsycho.
  • Some of the new vehicles have mounted turrets while others may have missile racks.
  • On motorbikes, you can use melee weapons.
  • Get aggressive and the police will chase you down and call in reinforcements. Should things get really heated, Maxtac will show up and can even attempt to hack your vehicle to stop you. There are five different archetypes of Maxtac that will be sent out to fight you. Maxtac will also not be affected by the game’s difficulty mode. If these guys show up they mean business.
  • There are some parts of Phantom Liberty that will take place outside Dogtown.
  • New vehicle gigs are demonstrated in the video. Complete these and players can unlock weapons such as missile launchers. These will not be in the base game, you need the expansion.
  • Weapons on vehicles are pre-set and some of the original vehicles now have weapons.
  • Netrunners can now hack from vehicles.
  • Players can remotely control vehicles.
  • Much of the game mechanics that are changing will be changed in the base game including car combat, perks, etc etc. Things that are specific to the expansion such as the new zone, quests, and gigs will be only available in Phantom Liberty

If you have not watched the stream then give it a look because there was a lot to digest and there’s a quick community Q&A at the end too. Watch the stream now…

It’s really apparent that Phantom Liberty changes a lot for players and there’s a real incentive to dive back in and replay the whole experience from the start.

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