CD Projekt reveals new games including a new Cyberpunk

CD Projekt reveals new games including Cyberpunk

CD Projekt’s latest strategy update reveals some great news. That news includes an update on the Cyberpunk franchise.

Adam Kacinski and other team members revealed the plans in their latest video which outlines all the different projects that are being worked on at the Studio.


For the future, the next three releases will be for The Witcher franchise, pre-production has started on two of these, the first codenamed Sirius which will contain multiplayer, and the second codenamed Polaris is the next game in the Witcher saga where there will be three games in the series over a six-year period. These will be three large-scale productions. The third release, codenamed Canis Mojaris, is another full Witcher production developer by an external studio that has worked on earlier Witcher games.


The great news is that Cyberpunk will continue first of all with the expansion Phantom Liberty and then what they are calling Project Orion which they say will “fully unleash the potential this universe offers”.

Finally, CD Projekt has a completely new project in the works codenamed Hadar. Early conceptional work for this bean in 2021.

A key point from the presentation was the addition of multiplayer in future titles. This was expected at some point in Cyberpunk 2077 but was eventually shelved.

The fact that CD Projekt has committed to another Cyerbpunk title is fantastic news. While the game has seen a resurgence in players in recent weeks, it was hard to get a feeling of whether they wanted to continue with it after the problems of the first launch.

I suspect the move to Unreal Engine and away from their own REDEngine will not only speed things up but also help produce games with fewer technical limitations. It’s probably why we are hearing about multiplayer opinions too.


Overall, a great update from CDProjekt. We’ll have to do some reorganising around here eventually but the game will be some way off and we still have Phantom Liberty next year.

We are super excited at the prospect of a new Cyberpunk game and we’ll be keeping you up to date right the way through its development and beyond.

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