Edgerunners Map Locations added

To bring the Cyberpunk Interactive map up to speed, I thought it worthwhile to add the Edgerunners map locations.

Throughout the Edgrunners ten-episode series, numerous locations from the game can be found, some of them not too obvious. With that in mind, all locations that are recognisable have been tagged on the map under a new category called Edgerunners. You can find that in the left navigation.

What Edgerunners Map Locations have been added?

Head to the map to check out the locations if you’ve been wondering where some of these are. Locations such as character apartments, key scene locations, and more have been added in this updatge.

Note, the Edgerunners jacket and weapon locations were added to the map last week for the latest game update. If I missed anything, feel free to let me know in the comments or forums.

Edgerunners map

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