Model Builder adds Cyberpunk and Witcher models

Model Builder

The virtual hobby game Model Builder has added something Cyberpunk fans should be interested in, a Johnny & Alt model.

If you’ve not seen this game before, it allows “players” to build scale models without all the fiddling about of real stuff that would usually create a complete mess of your dining table.

Model Builder has added the following CD Projekt models as DLC.

  • Johnny & Alt – Cyberpunk 2077 
  • Geralt Ronin Figure – The Witcher 
  • Ciri and the Kitsune Figure – The Witcher
  • Ciri Character Bust – The Witcher
  • Yennefer the Kunoichi Figure – The Witcher 

The DLC comes in at £3.99 GBP/€3.99 EUR/$4.99 and you will need a copy of Model Builder of course. While it may not be as tactile as making the model yourself, think of all the money you save on paint and glue.

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