Cyberpunk 2077 Environment Designer Hiroshi Sakakibara on Building Night City

Cyberpunk 2077 Night City

With any luck, most of you will have caught the Tokyo Game Show presentation which was of course in Japanese. Cyberpunk 2077 Environment designer Hiroshi Sakakibara talked more about creating Night City and there are some snippets in a new article this morning.

Night City is really the star of the show in Cyberpunk 2077 and IGN whipped up a piece today which takes a look at what Hiroshi Sakakibara discussed in the presentation. While we have all seen plenty of footage of the game now, the quick cuts never give a real sense of what’s going on inside the city and how the NPCs go about their daily lives. Will they carry out a couple of actions and then continually repeat them or are they a little more intelligent than that?

We won’t know until the game drops but the information from Sakakibara certainly suggests that there will be more to NPCs than we might have expected the game. Let’s hope he’s right because I think we can all agree that we’re hoping to find ourselves in a city that feels very much alive.

You can check out the short article on IGN now.

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