Interactive Cyberpunk 2077 Map Major Updates

Cyberpunk 2077 Map Night City

The Interactive Cyberpunk 2077 Map has received some major updates with there’s a load of changes and enhancements. Read all about the improvements and features.

The map has had quite an overhaul since last week with new features and changes been added in this latest version 3.2. Check out these notes for all the changes:

Interactive Cyberpunk 2077 Map Update Notes

A new version has gone live today with the following changes and additions since our last update on the site.

    • Right click┬áto add a marker anywhere on the map. This copies coordinates link to your clipboard so you can share it with others. Whoever uses the link will be taken to that exact spot and shown the marker.Example…….75,180.625&zoomlevel=4&coords=2435.44,942.13

You will now see the green marker exactly where it was placed.

    • First stage of map being changed to reflect the game more accurately. This includes road and building changes.
    • Map has been further optimised for speed. (More will be done on this as we continue to rebuild it for accuracy.
    • New NPCs/locations have been added to the database.
    • Buildings have all been enhanced and anomalies removed.
    • Roads have been enhanced
    • Map can be dragged to scroll around.
    • Improved Interface

As the game launches on Thursday, the map will be continually tweaked and improved for accuracy with smaller incremental updates going live over the next few days.

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