Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 Details – Out Now


Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 Full Patch Notes

During the Cyberpunk 2077 live stream this afternoon, CD Projekt detailed some of the changes and new content coming to the game today and released the patch immediately. There is a load of great changes in this update so take time to read through carefully. Here’s a quick recap of some of the highlights from the stream. Also, the update is 50Gb!

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 Stream Highlights

  • Perk trees reworked
  • Free respec due to changes.
  • Combat rebalanced
  • Some perks have been removed as they were not used.
  • Throwing knives return like a boomerang.
  • NPC combat AI has been improved.
  • Light rings on all motorbik
    e wheels
  • Vehicle control has been improved. Each car feels different with different suspension and handling etc. Vehicles cab now do things like doughnuts.
  • First-person view improved when driving vehicles. Improved view when driving.
  • Crowd AI has been improved. It should feel like a living city.
  • Drivers will also now react to players’ actions. They will try to get away, pass out, and crash into stuff.
  • You can now skip time with a new UI that shows exactly how much time you want to skip.
  • Map colour changes depending on type of locations such as gigs as well as fixer details on gigs.
  • New rewards from fixers.
  • New filters added to map.
  • The economy has been rebalanced. It should be easier to buy stuff.
  • Wilson has two new rifles for sale and new scopes.
  • You can now change your appearance mid-game. There are new colours other new options that can be changed.
  • 4 new apartments in different locations. A one-time payment on each apartment. You can own them all if you have the cash.
  • All stashes in all apartments are shared.
  • There is new content to find in the game that players will have to discover.
  • Walking toggle on PC.
  • Players can contact romantic options more often and there are new things to discover with the romance options. For example, you could wake up with your romantic option if they were at the apartment with you.
  • New photomode poses for Johnny Silverhand.
  • You can choose between performance and RTX on next-gen.
  • PC players now have a benchmark option to check performance.

This image shows how each platform is affected by this update and what’s available.

Cyberpunk 2077 Patch 1.5 Full Patch Notes

The full patch notes can be found over on CDPR’s site now and they are large!


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