Cyberpunk 2077 Badlands

The final playable zone revealed for Cyberpunk 2077 was the Badlands. The zone was confirmed during Night City Wire Episode 1¬†and is described as the game’s seventh district.

The Badlands surround Night City as an inhospitable desert landscape. Inhabited by the Nomads, this area is sparsely populated by a few gang families who often squabble among themselves. Nomads also undertake jobs for fixers and the inhabitants of Night City.

Players will be able to drive around on motorcycles or in vehicles meeting various colourful characters. It has a very different feel to Night City with its open spaces and makes for a refreshing change of scenery while playing.

Starting Zone

When players choose Nomad as their Life Path, they will start in the Badlands prologue before making their way into Night City. It’s here players will learn about their inherent Nomad skills having learned about scavenging and mechanics.

Badlands Images

Badlands Concept Art

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