Hacking in Cyberpunk 2077

One area in which players may want to focus on is the act of hacking in Cyberpunk 2077.

Since 2019 CD Projekt has changed the way in which hacking works making it a little more accessible to players. Previously an access node was required to enter a network. These access node points have now been removed from the game and players now hack wirelessly.

There has been a debate about whether this has dumbed down the hacking aspect of the gameplay but it should allow for a better flow in the gameplay by not requiring an access node.

Players now scan a target and are offered a quick hack menu to carry out actions.


Hacking is not unlimited as it requires a resource called Memory which recharges after it’s been used to perform a hack. Each type of hack requires a certain amount of memory resource. This means that hacking is not unlimited players have to think carefully about which hacks they use in succession.


With the removal of access nodes, there is a Breach system which is effectively a mini-game of codes that need to be solved by the player. If successful, this can reduce the cost of memory of subsequent hacks. These Breach codes will become increasingly difficult over time.

To be successfully with a breach, you need to select the numbers vertically and horizontally in the sequence shown to the player.

Cyber deck

Players have access to a cyberdeck which is your interface to hacking. This has to be loaded with Daemons (specific hacks). Players have to decide which of these Daemons are loaded onto the Cyber deck before undertaking a mission. However, there are Daemons that re more useful than others and it’s likely you’ll stick with a few essential ones such as overloading enemies or disabling systems.

Known Daemons

  • Overheating – Overload a target’s cyberware setting it in fire.
  • Short circuit – Overload a target’s Cyberware.
  • Optics Restart – Target is rendered blind temporarily by resetting the target’s implants.
  • SOS signal – Emits a fake emergency signal causing the target to search an area.
  • Suicide – Target kills him/herself with their own weapon.
  • Weapon Malfunction – Causes the target’s weapon to malfunction.

Enemy Hacks

Enemy Netrunners will be able to hack the player and will also have similar Perks to the player. Players should be aware they can be hacked and be on guard. You know you are being hacked via the hacking bar appearing on your screen which slowly increases. You then take damage for the duration of the hack.

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