Santo Domingo

One of the oldest districts of Night City, it was a haven for refugees following the Fourth Corporate War. The refugees are now long gone and dispersed throughout the city.

Santo Domingo has now returned to its primary purpose as the city’s industrial park and power plant. With power plants powering all the technology within Night City, this is an inhospitable place with a toxic environment and polluted atmosphere.

The combination of industrialisation and pollution makes Santo Domingo inhabitants unfriendly due to the pressures of daily living.

District – Arroyo

A key district in Santo Domingo is Arroyo, a rough industrial neighbourhood with construction projects that are either underway, half-finished or abandoned. Expect to find robot factories, a logistics centre, an old nuclear power station, and a giant junkyard.

Created as a district to house workers from Arroyo, the Santo Domingo suburb with nearly identical housing structures. It was designed to be like twentieth-century suburbia. The district has its own shopping, bars, restaurants, schools, and metro.

District – Rancho Coronado

The 6th Street Gang are in control in Rancho Coronado, it’s up to them to police the streets. The NCPD does not have the resources to keep these streets crime-free. The district is a mix of the Corpo rich who left the city and middle-class workers who work in Arroyo.

Rancho Coronado feels like a self-contained community but it does have areas of neglect. Functioning factories include the Petrochem-Betterlife power plants and the Araska factory industrial area. both are heavily guarded by security.

Santo Domingo Concept Art

Santo Domingo Gangs

The 6th Street Gang control the streets here and are not hospitable to outsiders.

6th street

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