Interactive Cyberpunk 2077 Map Update v3.6

Cyberpunk 2077 Interactive Map

It’s been a busy few weeks since the game launched and we’ve been improving the Interactive Cyberpunk 2077 Map. Numerous changes have gone live since launch and the latest update has now gone live.

Since launch, it’s given us the opportunity to assess the map content and what is useful for players. We’ve also been working hard on map accuracy because the map had changed quite a lot in the game release version. It’s been quite a task and it’s still ongoing because as you know, it’s complicated, especially when it comes to upper and lower roads. However, the good news is, the map is now a pretty accurate representation of Night City and surrounding areas. It’s worth noting we upload newer accurate versions quite often throughout the week, we just don’t post about it as we see these as minor changes.

The latest version of the map has gone up taking it to v3.6 and there are some changes worth noting.

Cyberpunk 2077 Map Update v3.6 Notes

  • Added in Legendary clothing you can pick up for free. We have also added videos to each entry so you can see exactly where stuff is. Expect more of this kind of stuff.
  • Removed Drop Boxes. We felt these were unnecessary as they are everywhere and only really important for handing in stuff from a few quests.
  • We’re in the process of adding vehicle locations so you can easily pick up a new vehicle for cash. Also showing reward vehicles such as the Shion Coyote.
  • Added Map clusters. As know the map was getting overwhelmed so we have now added a clustering system. The filters still work as usual as does the search but the clusters make viewing the map a lot easier when zoomed out or nothing is selected.

Our plan is to get add as much useful information as possible which is why we are adding more videos to the map, especially for things that are harder to find.

With talk of DLC on the way in the coming weeks, we want to try and get everything tip-top for the current content in the game.

Thanks to everyone who has been providing feedback and suggestions. Also thanks to those who are pointing us to things on the map we may have missed. We hope you are all finding the Interactive Cyberpunk 2077 Map useful.

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