Try the Cyberpunk 2077 Third-person mod

Cyberpunk 2077 Third-person mod

CD Projekt never designed Cyberpunk 2077 for third-person but there’s been a demand for a mod to make that a reality. Now it’s here, well sort of.

The third-person mod, or TPP as it’s called, is still a work in progress and does give some pretty mixed results. After playing the game for well over a 100 hours now, it would seem strange to move to third-person but I’m sure some of you would want to at least see what it’s like.

Although this is a work in progress by modder Jelle Bakker, it does appear to at least live up to its name, the game can be played in third-person if your willing to put up with weird animations and odd-looking characters at times.

To get this working you also need to install Tweak Engine and then follow the instructions on the mod page. Using the B key you can then change to four different camera angles.

This mod probably won’t improve your Cyberpunk skills but it will at least give you the chance to see Night City from a different perspective.

This is at least a great start for the mod, and with some work and better access to what makes the game tick under the hood, this could prove popular.

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