New Iconic Weapon Locations and free weaponized vehicle

2.0 brings new content in the form of new iconic weapons which can be added your arsenal. So far we have a couple that have been discovered and here’s where to find them.

As well as the two iconic weapons there’s also a free weaponized vehicle to pick up in a quest called “I’m in love with my Car”. The quest name is probably a tribute to the Queen song but there’s also another tribute in this quest. The Quadra Type 66 “Hoon” vehicle sports a 43 number as a tribute to the late great rally and stunt driver Ken Block. The name Hoon is also a reference to his Hoonigan racing division.

The two weapons are the katana called Errata and the knife called Nehan. Both of these are fairly easy to find if you know where to look. You can find these by either playing the game from the start or loading up an old save at the right point in the story.



Quadra Type 66 “Hoon”

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